Over the last nearly 15 years Thomas Dunker and I have worked on a rather big project: writing a book about horn loudspeakers. The idea came after we had collected a fairly large number of references through our own research, and we thought the best way to organize the growing archive was to write a book. 

Also, there has not been a proper book about horn loudspeakers before, the information has been scattered around in hundreds of papers and book chapters. It is quite a job, even with a list of references, to actually get hold of all of them, and then you have to digest the information and apply it to your problem. 

The project grew over the years (and was also the reason why I did an MSc and a PhD on horn simulation), and we ended up with this 1070-page volume containing the history, theory and design of horn loudspeakers. The full story will be told at our dedicated information website, hornspeakersystems.info, where we will also post updates from the production of the book, purchasing information and information about signing events.