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The Room Mode Calculator


You can find several room mode calculators on the web, that will list the mode frequencies in a shoebox shaped room for you. This is not one of them. 

The Room Mode Calculator can of course also do this, but what is more, it calculates the frequency response at one position in the room resulting from a source at another position. Actually, you can have two sources at two different positions. 

The reason for writing the RMC was to put to use a snippet of code I had written in Matlab for the purpose of calculating the frequency response of a source in a room. I wanted to be able to move the source(s) and receiver around, and see the effect on the response in realtime. This program lets you do that, unless the room is very large. 

Please report any bugs. I will try do fix them as soon as possible. I do however have many other projects, so it may take a while. I also hope to expand the number of features in this program, so keep checking back every once in a while.

Download RMC 1.0